Hakuba Brewing Company aims to hand-craft Japan's most exciting ales: fruity aromas, fresh and full-bodied flavours. There are no filters here, every molecule of taste goes to the bottle. These are ales brewed in the mountains for people looking for more from their drink.

Hakuba Brewing Company(ハクバ・ブルーイング・カンパニー)の使命は、日本中で最も胸を躍らせるような飲料を造ることです。果実の豊かな香り、フレッシュでこくや深みのある風味などが弊社の商品の特徴です。また、ろ過せず、すべての旨みを瓶に詰めています。弊社の商品は、より良い醸造酒を求める方たちのための、美しい山の中で造られた作品です。

Our on-site artesian water source provides the clearest mountain water to start the brewing process. Starting as snow in the high alps above Hakuba Village it then melted and trickled through the forests and stone, down to our water source. It then begins another transformation. The freshest and most fragrant hops and grains from around the world bring the smells and tastes that we need. We slow-ferment until each brew is just right and then bottle and cap by hand. Our bottle-conditioned beers are not filtered and so all the flavour and aromas are trapped by that metal cap. A little yeast then continues to refine the beer, whilst also naturally carbonating for the perfect light fizz and head.


Our work is done when you open that bottle. Pour smoothly and steadily, take a deep breath, absorb those fresh aromas. Finally, sip and enjoy!!


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